About me

This blog will record our family journey from wanting to move to Canada, to getting a job offer in Toronto, Ontario, our move and getting used to life in Mississauga from Hertfordshire, UK.

The Auld Alliance

I’m a Scot who always enjoyed travelling, and lived in Germany for a few years. When I met my Frenchman soulmate, I moved to London to be with him and we’ve lived in and around London for more than a decade.

Now we’ve had kids and done the commute into London/childcare juggle for longer than we’d like, we started to look for a different experience and better quality of life for our family.

Canada had always been a dream of mine (though I’d never been). Hubby loved the North American culture and the French influence in Canada so we started seriously talking about it.

Now we’re moving! From North of London to Mississauga, Ontario. (You can find out why in my first post: why we want to move to Canada).

While we were dreaming and plotting, on our roller coaster ride of trying to build an opportunity in Canada, I was hungry for blogs and forums: to hear others’ experiences.

So, I thought I’d share mine in case it helps or inspires others.

This is the story of our immigration and getting used to life in Canada. Yay!